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2017 Season Photo Gallery


Photos courtesy of Nationwide Images New Zealand and are strictly protected by Copyright ©. Images may be downloaded for non-commercial personal use ONLY. All requests for permission for further use of these photographs must be in writing and should be sent to


Grand Final


Steel vs Pulse - Invercargill, June 28


Ball Deliverers Archie and Indie FrewBall Deliverers Archie and Indie Frew
Pulse Captain Katrina GrantSteel Captain Wendy Frew


Season Home Games


Steel vs Pulse - Invercargill, June 19


Ball Deliverer Aliana Rees of Invercargill


Steel vs Mystics - Dunedin, June 7


Ball Deliverer Kate Coates


Steel vs Stars - Invercargill, May 28


Ball Deliverer Meg Howard


Steel vs Tactix - Dunedin, May 7


Ball Deliverer Molly Gallagher


Steel Olympics



Steel vs Pulse - Invercargill, May 1



Steel vs Mystics - Invercargill, April 30


Ball Deliverers Emily and Lilly McCarthy
Te Paea Selby-RickitWendy Frew


Steel vs Magic - Invercargill, April 10












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