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2014 Season Photo Gallery


Photos courtesy of Nationwide Images New Zealand and are strictly protected by Copyright ©. Images may be downloaded for non-commercial personal use ONLY. All requests for permission for further use of these photographs must be in writing and should be sent to


Southern Steel vs Vixens - Invercargill, May 31st


Ball Deliverer Jendi Minty and Phillipa FinchPhillipa Finch and Jodi BrownPhillipa Finch and Jodi BrownPhoenix Karaka and Storm PurvisPhoenix KarakaJodi BrownPhillipa Finch
Shannon Francois and Wendy FrewJhaniele Fowler-ReidShannon Francois and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Shannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidStorm PurvisPhoenix KarakaKIA Couch winners
Archie Frew and Te Paea Selby-Rickit
Phoenix KarakaJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Steel fansErena Mikaere and Steel fansTe Paea Selby-Rickit and Steel fans
Jhaniele Fowler-Reid and DrehannahPhoenix KarakaErena MikaereRachel RasmussenTe Paea Selby-RickitBall Deliverer Jendi Minty and Phillipa FinchJodi Brown
Shannon Francois and Phillipa FinchWendy FrewJodi BrownPhillipa FinchJodi Brown


Southern Steel vs Tactix - Dunedin, May 25th


Jodi BrownWendy FrewShannon FrancoisPhoenix KarakaShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidStacey Peeters
Jodi BrownTe Paea Selby-RickitStorm PurvisStacey PeetersShannon FrancoisTe Paea Selby-RickitTe Paea Selby-Rickit
Phillipa FinchRachel RasmussenShannon FrancoisTe Paea Selby-RickitRachel RasmussenShannon FrancoisShannon Francois
Rachel RasmussenPhillipa FinchJodi BrownTe Paea Selby-RickitJhaniele Fowler-ReidJodi Brown


Southern Steel vs Magic - Invercargill, May 12th


Ball Deliverer Ella YeoPhoenix KarakaStorm PurvisStorm PurvisStorm PurvisJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Phillipa FinchJhaniele Fowler-ReidShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidPhillipa Finch and Wendy Frew
Jodi BrownReinga Te Huia - Assistant CoachErena Mikaere, Te Paea Selby-Rickit and Gina CramptonWendy Frew and ArchieErena Mikaere and Archie
Corina Ngatuere (Physiotherapist) and her mumKIA Couch winnersBall Deliverer Ella Yeo and Phillipa FinchJodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Jodi BrownPhillipa Finch and Wendy FrewJhaniele Fowler-ReidJodi Brown and Jhaniele Fowler-ReidPhillipa FinchPhillipa FinchJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Wendy FrewReinga Te Huia (Assistant Coach) and her mum


Southern Steel vs Mystics - Auckland, May 4th


Shannon FrancoisShannon FrancoisShannon FrancoisJodi Brown and Phillipa FinchRachel RasmussenShannon FrancoisJodi Brown and Rachel Rasmussen
Phoenix KarakaPhoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenShannon Francois and Jodi BrownJodi Brown and Jhaniele Fowler-ReidPhillipa FinchJhaniele Fowler-ReidWendy Frew
Phoenix KarakaJhaniele Fowler-ReidRachel Rasmussen and Shannon FrancoisStorm PurvisPhoenix KarakaJanine Southby
Jodi BrownPhillipa FinchShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidPhoenix Karaka
Jhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidStorm PurvisTe Paea Selby-RickitWendy FrewJhaniele Fowler-ReidPhoenix Karaka
Jodi BrownJodi Brown


Southern Steel vs Pulse - Invercargill, April 14th


Phillipa Finch, Wendy Frew and Rachel RasmussenJodi Brown and Jhaniele Fowler-ReidStacey PeetersShannon FrancoisPhillipa FinchWendy FrewShannon Francois
Jodi Brown and Jhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidJodi BrownErena MikaereRachel RasmussenJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-Reid
KIA Couch winnersBall Deliverer Laura HortonRachel RasmussenJhaniele Fowler-ReidRachel RasmussenShannon FrancoisStorm Purvis
Storm PurvisPhoenix KarakaErena MikaerePhillipa FinchJodi Brown


Southern Steel vs Mystics - Invercargill, April 6th


Wendy Frew, Phillipa Finch, Gina Crampton and Shannon FrancoisStacey Peeters, Storm Purvis, Erena Mikaere and Phillipa FinchKIA Couch winnersBall Deliverer Emma DermodyJodi Brown
Shannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJodi BrownJodi BrownJodi Brown
Shannon Francois and Wendy FrewJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Stacey Peeters and Wendy FrewJhaniele Fowler-ReidPhoenix KarakaStacey PeetersGina CramptonJodi BrownShannon Francois and Wendy Frew
Jodi BrownShannon FrancoisJhaniele Fowler-Reid and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidStacey PeetersJhaniele Fowler-Reid
Wendy Frew


Southern Steel vs Fever - Dunedin, March 22nd


Ball Deliverer Ella HodgsonPhillipa FinchJodi Brown
Rachel RasmussenShannon FrancoisJodi BrownPhillipa FinchJodi BrownShannon FrancoisShannon Francois
Wendy FrewPhillipa FinchShannon FrancoisRachel RasmussenBall Deliverer Ella Hodgson
Jhaniele Fowler-ReidWendy FrewRachel RasmussenPhillipa FinchStacey PeetersShannon FrancoisShannon Francois
Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler-ReidPhillipa Finch and Jodi BrownPhillipa FinchWendy FrewShannon FrancoisJodi Brown


Southern Steel vs Firebirds - Invercargill, March 2nd


Ball Deliverer 4-year-old Sophie CaseyBall Deliverer 4-year-old Sophie CaseyPhillipa FinchPhillipa FinchJodi BrownWendy Frew and Rachel Rasmussen
Phillipa FinchPhillipa FinchPhillipa Finch and Jodi BrownJodi Brown and Phillipa FinchJodi BrownTe Paea Selby-Rickit, Jodi Brown and Shannon Francois
Te Paea Selby-RickitJodi BrownTe Paea Selby-Rickit and Jodi BrownRachel RasmussenPhoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenPhoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenPhoenix Karaka and Rachel Rasmussen
Phoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenPhoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenPhoenix Karaka and Rachel RasmussenJhaniele Fowler-ReidJhaniele Fowler-ReidJanine Southby - Coach



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