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2013 Season Photo Gallery


Photos courtesy of Nationwide Images New Zealand and are strictly protected by Copyright ©. Images may be downloaded for non-commercial personal use ONLY. All requests for permission for further use of these photographs must be in writing and should be sent to


Southern Steel vs Pulse - Invercargill, June 23rd


Ball Deliverer Ella RichardsonWendy FrewJhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerCourtney TairiWendy FrewPhillipa Finch
Phillipa FinchCourtney TairiJodi BrownRachel RasmussenJodi BrownCourtney TairiPhillipa Finch
Phillipa FinchPhillipa FinchJhaniele FowlerWendy Frew


Southern Steel vs Tactix - Dunedin, June 9th


Ball Deliverer Charlotte Thompson and Phillipa FinchRachel RasmussenWendy FrewTe Paea Selby-RickitStacey PeetersJhaniele Fowler and Jodi BrownWendy Frew
Shannon FrancoisStacey PeetersStacey PeetersCourtney TairiJhaniele FowlerJodi Brown and Shannon FrancoisShannon Francois
Shannon FrancoisShannon FrancoisShannon FrancoisJhaniele FowlerStorm Purvis and Phoenix KarakaPhillipa Finch
Kiana and Aria Brown



Southern Steel vs Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic - Invercargill, May 18th


Ball Deliverer Aleeya Hogan and Phillipa FinchJhaniele Fowler and Jodi BrownJhaniele Fowler and Jodi BrownRachel RasmussenRachel RasmussenJhaniele FowlerRachel Rasmussen
Phillipa FinchCourtney TairiCourtney TairiRachel RasmussenWendy FrewPhillipa FinchJodi Brown
Southern Steel FansJhaniele FowlerJanine SouthbyJanine SouthbyKIA Couch winners


Southern Steel vs Northern Mystics - Auckland, May 12th


Shannon FrancoisRachel RasmussenPhoenix KarakaWendy FrewCourtney TairiJhaniele FowlerWendy Frew and Rachel Rasmussen
Jhaniele FowlerShannon FrancoisJhaniele FowlerShannon Francois, Phillipa Finch and Wendy FrewJodi BrownJhaniele FowlerJodi Brown
Wendy FrewJhaniele FowlerWendy FrewJhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerWendy FrewShannon Francois
Shannon Francois

Southern Steel vs NSW Swifts - Invercargill, May 6th


Jhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerPhillipa FinchCourtney Tairi and Wendy FrewKIA Couch winnersJhaniele FowlerShannon Francois
Rachel RasmussenJhaniele Fowler and Jodi BrownPhillipa FinchBall Deliverer Georgia CameronWendy FrewWendy FrewSulu Tone-Fitzpatrick
Jodi BrownRachel RasmussenPhillipa FinchJodi BrownJhaniele FowlerSulu Tone-FitzpatrickSulu Tone-Fitzpatrick
Jhaniele Fowler


Southern Steel vs Northern Mystics - Invercargill, April 29th


Sulu Tone-FitzpatrickJhaniele FowlerBall Deliverer Abbey DermodyStorm PurvisCourtney TairiSulu Tone-Fitzpatrick
Jodi BrownCourtney TairiRachel RasmussenJhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerRachel RasmussenJodi Brown
Jodi BrownRachel RasmussenWendy FrewSulu Tone-FitzpatrickPhillipa FinchJodi Brown and daughterGrace Rasmussen (Mystics) and sister Rachel Rasmussen (Steel)
KIA Couch winnersJhaniele FowlerRachel RasmussenJhaniele FowlerKate ShearerShannon FrancoisCourtney Tairi
Courtney TairiCourtney TairiWendy Frew and sonJodi BrownJodi BrownSulu Tone-FitzpatrickBall Deliverer Abbey Dermody and Phillipa Finch


Southern Steel vs Adelaide Thunderbirds - Dunedin, April 6th


Phillipa FinchJodi BrownJhaniele FowlerRachel RasmussenJhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerRachel Rasmussen and Sulu Tone-Fitzpatrick
Phillipa FinchShannon FrancoisPhillipa FinchCourtney TairiRachel RasmussenJodi BrownCourtney Tairi
Wendy Frew and Phillipa FinchBall Deliverer Jessica Broderick

Southern Steel vs Tactix - Christchurch, March 30th


Phillipa FinchJhaniele FowlerPhillipa FinchJhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerPhillipa FinchShannon Francois
Courtney TairiCourtney TairiJanine Southby and Natalie AvellinoCourtney TairiWendy FrewJhaniele Fowler
Jhaniele FowlerJhaniele FowlerJodi BrownJhaniele FowlerJanine SouthbyRachel RasmussenWendy Frew



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