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2019 Team:


Gina CramptonTe Huinga Reo Selby-RickitTe Paea Selby-RickitShannon SaundersLenize Potgieter
Gina Crampton

Te Huinga Reo


Te Paea Selby-


Shannon Saunders

Lenize Potgieter
Abby ErwoodJennifer O´ConnellCourtney ElliottKate HeffernanKendall McMinn
Abby ErwoodJennifer O'ConnellCourtney ElliottKate HeffernanKendall McMinn


Management Team: Reinga Bloxham Head Coach, Corina Ngatuere Lead Physiotherapist, Dayna Kaio Team Manager, Mike Jacobs Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach


Games Played:


124 February 2019Steel vs Stars64, 66
126 February 2019Steel vs Tactix66, 46
22 March 2019Steel vs Mystics67, 48
311 March 2019Steel vs Magic73, 53
417 March 2019Steel vs Tactix70, 52
525 March 2019Steel vs Pulse50, 54
631 March 2019Steel vs Magic59, 46
610 April 2019Steel vs Pulse50, 66
714 April 2019Steel vs Stars60, 58
824 April 2019Steel vs Mystics66, 60
91 May 2019Steel vs Magic63, 48
105 May 2019Steel vs Mystics69, 58
116 May 2019Steel vs Pulse62, 52
1215 May 2019Steel vs Tactix64, 56
1322 May 2019Steel vs Stars63, 46
SEMI FINAL29 May 2019Steel vs Stars53, 56


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