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Q & A with Kate Heffernan - May 18, 2020

We caught up with our tenacious midcourter Kate Heffernan last week, who has been training hard throughout lockdown with sister and teammate Georgia Heffernan, as they eye the return of the ANZ Premiership.

Kate HeffernanHow is lockdown going for you?

Lockdown is going well. I’m really enjoying being at home on the farm with the whole family. I can’t remember how long it’s been since we have all been home together for this long, so it's been really cool!

What did your training week look like during Level 3 & 4?

I have been training with Georgia, which has been great. We are training six days a week, as we were before going into lockdown, with two trainings a day. These trainings consist of either conditioning, weights, or skills sessions.

Do you have any highlights that stand out during your time with the Steel?

A highlight for me was being a part of the team that won the ANZ Premiership in 2018. Even though I didn’t actually play on court, I loved being a part of it and it made me realise how much I wanted to be in the team the following year. It was also really special for me becoming fully contracted in 2019.

What is it like playing with your twin sister Georgia?

We love playing together, and always have! We haven’t been able to play as much together in the last couple of seasons, so I’m looking forward to getting back on court with Georgia now that the ANZ Premiership is set to resume. The ANZ Premiership is a massive step up from school netball and the Beko Netball League where we played most of our netball together, but we are really enjoying this challenge.

Who has had the biggest influence on helping you to become the player you are?

My parents - they have done so much for me from a young age and are so supportive in everything I do, especially netball. Makes it extra special seeing them in the crowd at most of the games.

Growing up you also excelled in cricket where you made your debut for the White Ferns in 2018. Was it a tough decision deciding to focus solely on netball?

It was really tough making that decision. Especially as I was getting so many amazing opportunities in cricket at the time, like debuting for the White Ferns - this is still one of my most special and favorite sporting moments. Having my parents there was pretty awesome, especially for my Dad as he spent countless hours trying to teach me how to play cricket, so I felt pretty proud doing that for him!!
I was loving my time with the Southern Steel team and I knew that I couldn’t get the most out of myself in either sport when I was trying to balance them at the same time – so it was a decision I knew I had to make.

Any advice you would give to younger players?

Play lots of sports! I played so many sports when I was younger and found that they all complimented each other, even netball and cricket! And just enjoy it, enjoy playing with your friends.


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