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Steel History


Check out details of past seasons for the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel.


2020 Team:


Gina CramptonTe Huinga Reo Selby RickitShannon SaundersKalifa McCollinKate Heffernan
Gina Crampton

Te Huinga Reo


Shannon Saunders

Kalifa McCollin

Kate Heffernan
Taneisha FifitaAbby ErwoodKendall CorkeryJennifer O ConnellGeorgia Heffernan
Teneisha FifitaAbby ErwoodKendall CorkeryJennifer O'ConnellGeorgia Heffernan


Management Team: Reinga Bloxham Head Coach, Lauren Piebenger Assistant Coach, Wendy Frew Assistant Coach, Corina Ngatuere Lead Physiotherapist, Mike Jacobs Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dayna Kaio Team Manager


Games Played:


116 March 2020Steel vs Magic48, 54
220 June 2020Steel vs Tactix36, 43
327 June 2020Steel vs Mystics42, 46
328 June 2020Steel vs Stars49, 47
44 July 2020Steel vs Pulse40, 47
510 July 2020Steel vs Pulse37, 40
511 July 2020Steel vs Stars39, 48
619 July 2020Steel vs Magic41, 40
620 July 2020Steel vs Tactix35, 48
726 July 2020Steel vs Mystics47, 41
81 August 2020Steel vs Stars43, 50
83 August 2020Steel vs Magic36, 37
97 August 2020Steel vs Mystics51, 47
98 August 2020Steel vs Pulse34, 49
1016 August 2020Steel vs Tactix 0,  0


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