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Steel History


Check out details of past seasons for the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel.


2018 Team:


Wendy FrewGina CramptonShannon FrancoisTe Paea Selby RickitTe Huinga Reo Selby Rickit
Wendy FrewGina CramptonShannon Francois

Te Paea Selby-


Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit
Jennifer O ConnellAbby ErwoodOlivia BatesCourtney ElliottKate Heffernan
Jennifer O'ConnellAbby ErwoodOlivia BatesCourtney ElliottKate Heffernan


Management Team: Reinga Bloxham Head Coach, Lauren Piebenga Assistant Coach, Dayna Kaio Manager, Corina Ngatuere Lead Physiotherapist, Mike Jacob Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach


Games Played:


16 May 2018Steel vs Mystics55, 47
17 May 2018Steel vs Pulse51, 62
216 May 2018Steel vs Magic64, 60
321 May 2018Steel vs Mystics56, 52
430 May 2018Steel vs Pulse40,71
53 June 2018Steel vs Stars63, 61
610 June 2018Steel vs Stars63, 60
611 June 2018Steel vs Tactix53, 52
720 June 2018Steel vs Mystics57, 62
824 June 2018Steel vs Tactix52, 53
92 July 2018Steel vs Pulse51, 47
109 July 2018Steel vs Magic76, 60
1116 July 2018Steel vs Tactix59, 56
1222 July 2018Steel vs Magic75, 58
1329 July 2018Steel vs Stars59, 65
SEMI FINAL8 August 2018Steel vs Tactix53, 49
FINALS12 August 2018Steel vs Pulse54, 53


For Photo Gallery of the 2018 Season Home Games Click Here


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