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Puzzle Answers


Spot the Difference 1


Southern Steeler c. is different - she has less hair tied up. (But at least she remembered to wear her seatbelt !)



Spot the Difference 2


In picture b:

  1. The goal hoop has changed colour to red
  2. The goal post has changed colour to blue
  3. The Goal Keep (GK) has changed to Goal Defense (GD)
  4. The Goal Defense (GD) has changed to Goal Keep (GK)
  5. The Goal Defense has lost her hair band
  6. The Goal Keep has different colour socks
  7. The Goal Defense has lost her ear
  8. The Goal Keep is missing the toe guard from a shoe
  9. The Goal Defense has lost a shoelace
  10. The shooting circle has changed to a square


Word Find Puzzle Answers


Word Find answers


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