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Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel 2021 ANZ Premiership Draw


RoundDate  LocationTime
1Sunday 18 AprilSouthern Steel    Mainland TactixILT Stadium, Invercargill6pm
2Saturday 24 AprilSouthern Steel    Northern MysticsNorth Shore5pm
3Sunday 2 MaySouthern Steel    Central PulseILT Stadium, Invercargill4pm
4Sunday 9 MaySouthern Steel    Northern StarsPapakura4pm
5Sunday 16 MaySouthern Steel    Central PulsePorirua4pm
6Monday 24 MaySouthern Steel    Mainland TactixILT Stadium, Invercargill6pm
7Sunday 30 MaySouthern Steel    Northern MysticsAuckland4pm
8Sunday 6 JuneSouthern Steel    WBOP MagicThe Edgar Centre, Dunedin4pm
9Monday 14 JuneSouthern Steel    Mainland TactixNelson7.45pm
10Saturday 19 JuneSouthern Steel    Northern StarsThe Edgar Centre, Dunedin5pm
11Monday 28 JuneSouthern Steel    WBOP MagicILT Stadium, Invercargill7pm
12Monday 5 JulySouthern Steel    WBOP MagicHamilton7pm
13Sunday 11 JulySouthern Steel    Northern MysticsILT Stadium, Invercargill6pm
14Monday 19 JulySouthern Steel    Northern StarsPapakura7pm
15Saturday 24 JulySouthern Steel    Central PulseILT Stadium, Invercargill5pm


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